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Bloomfield Ratings is responsible for the financial rating activities of Bloomfield Investment Corporation.

The financial rating process is based on methodologies specific to each category of risk (commercial and industrial companies; financial institutions, financial instruments, public companies and local and sovereign authorities) with strong consideration of the local socio-political and economic environment and its impact on the credit quality of the rated entity or transaction.

The ratings assigned by Bloomfield Ratings reflect the risk of default by the entity raising funds on the market or from banks. They thus enable a ranking of borrowers according to their credit quality (probability of default).

The need for quality information requires the collection of useful information through the most certain channels. As a result, most of the financial rating activities carried out by Bloomfield Ratings fall within the scope of solicited or regulatory ratings.

In order to maintain the expected level of quality, Bloomfield Ratings also relies on a team of professionals with diverse experience and advanced academic backgrounds.

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