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Bloomfield Intelligence is in charge of business intelligence and the production of the information needed to make investment decisions. To do so, it closely follows the evolution of the national, regional and international socio-political and economic environment. This monitoring enables it to anticipate changes and the impact of possible shocks.

The department’s services take different forms:

The department’s approach consists of an in-depth analysis of the information collected from data-collecting bodies, supplemented by interviews with key stakeholders. For all the opinions expressed, the department provides an evaluation grid based on the parameters selected in order to monitor the dynamics over time according to the different types of risks analysed. The elements justifying the positions taken and the anticipated prospects are summarised in evaluation sheets enabling the user to be effective in his decision-making.

One of Bloomfield Intelligence’s flagship indices is the Bloomfield Private Index, which measures the overall performance of the Ivorian private sector.

Since 2018, Bloomfield Intelligence has been producing digital content on various social networks (live Facebook, lexical illustration on economy and finance, etc.) in order to familiarize the population with socio-economic issues and to keep the financial world informed of the latest news. The events organized by Bloomfield Intelligence to present these different works are opportunities for meetings between private sector actors, public authorities, technical and financial partners. Among the flagship events organised are the Country Risk Conferences and the Round Tables for the presentation of sectoral work or impact studies.

Bloomfield Intelligence also supports Bloomfield Ratings in the elaboration of financial ratings through monitoring work.

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