Our rating scale

Ratings are assigned on a risk scale comprising 20 notches, divided into 8 risk classes. The highest rating, AAA, corresponds to an extremely low level of risk; it is assigned to the least risky entities in the WAEMU/CEMAC zone. The lowest rating, D,
reflects a proven default on debt service. The scale has two categories: investment grade, from AAA to BBB-, and speculative grade, from BB+ to BBB-.
to D. Borrowers rated in investment grade have an extremely low to moderate level of risk; those rated in speculative grade have a high level of risk or are in default.

Bloomafield Investment Corporation Long Term Rating Scale

Although Bloomfield Investment Corporation is not intended to rate companies operating outside Africa, it has mapped its rating scale, which is intended for African companies, to the rating scale used by the international rating agencies, Fitch Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. To do so, it relies on the sovereign ceiling rating assigned by the international agencies to the WAEMU and CEMAC zones, which indicates that the rating of the best signatures in the two zones is BBB- on their international scale. The indicative correspondence table below enables investors who so wish to obtain an estimate of the rating on an international scale of an entity rated on the Bloomfield Investment Corporation scale.

Notes from Bloomfield Investment & Notes from International Agencies