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Today, more than ever, the world is facing major changes that require a redefinition of economic and social priorities. Access to financial resources for the development of businesses and nations should continue to be eased through the sophistication of financial instruments, digitalisation and the availability of liquidity. This new dynamic gives Africa the opportunity to reinvent itself and redefine its model of development and interaction with other continents economically, socially, diplomatically and culturally.

The capital markets in Africa which have been timid for a long period of time, are starting to better organize themselves in an era of digitalisation and are becoming increasingly attractive to local, regional and international players and investors.

Bloomfield Investment Corporation, the leading financial rating agency in Francophone Africa, which contributes significantly to promoting good governance, financial communication and the advent of a continental capital market, will play a crucial role in the coming years in improving relationships between capital providers and capital seekers.


Chief Executive Officer

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